Twitch Bits for Dummies

Twitch is one of the largest online streaming platforms around the world where people tune in to watch their favorite streams. Most of these streamers are paid through ads and sponsorships but it’s quite hard to generate revenue for smaller channels. This is where ‘Twitch Bits’ comes in. People can cheer for streamers using these Twitch Bits to support their channels. Want to know more about Twitch Bits? Read on and you’ll find the complete guide on Twitch Bits ( Twitch Bits to Dollars conversion here ) .

What are Twitch Bits?

Twitch Bits are Twitch currency which can be used to cheer for streamers. These Bits are quite cheap and you can buy 100 bits for around $1.40. You can tip streamers from anywhere from 1 bit to 1 million bits. Each time you cheer for streamers, it will generate revenue for their channel. For Example, if you’re cheering with 100 bits, it will cost you around $1.40 but the streamer will receive around $1 and the rest goes to Twitch.


Each amount of bit has different emotes. If you’re cheering with 1 bit then a diamond shape emotes will appear in the chat. If you’re donating 100 bits then a double-diamond shape will be generated in the chat window. Similarly, 1000 bits will generate a pentagonal shape, 5000 bits will generate hexagonal shape, and cheering with 10,000 bits will generate a heptagonal shape in the chat window. Every streamer loves seeing these emotes and if you’re feeling generous, you can even cheer for more than 10,000 bits as well.

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Twitch Bits to Euro

Twitch Bits comes with a different price and this chart below will help you get a better idea of the whole thing. Take a look at the Twitch Bits to Euro conversion chart below to learn exactly how much each bit will cost you.

Bits£ Euro Conversion£ Euro (VAT included)
1 Bit£ 0.092£ 0.13
100 Bits £ 0.92£ 1.29
500 Bits£ 4.62£ 6.46
1500 Bits£ 13.85£ 18.41 (5% Discount)
3000 Bits£ 27.69£ 36.83
5000 Bits£ 46.15£ 59.44 (8% Discount)
7500 Bits£ 69£ 92
10,000 Bits£ 92.31£ 118
15,000 Bits£ 138£ 182.76
20,000 Bits£ 184.61£ 237.22
25,000 Bits£ 230£ 284.30 (12% Discount)
50,000 Bits£ 461£594.44
100,000 Bits£ 923£ 1,137
150,000 Bits£ 1384£ 1,705.80
500,000 Bits£ 4,615£ 5,686
1,000,000 Bits£ 9,230£ 11,370

A streamer earns around 70-71% from these tips and the rest is shared with Twitch and some of it goes to the VAT (Value-Added Tax).

How to Use Twitch Bits

Twitch introduced the ‘Beta’ version of Bit Emotes back in 2017 and then completely launched the cheering system later in the year. Twitch has made it very easy to use Twitch Bits. All you will have to do is select the stream that you’d like to tip. Find the diamond look-alike symbol right next to the emojis button on the chat window. From there, you can choose from tens of cheer emotes and tip your favorite streamers.

If you don’t feel like going through all these steps then you can also cheer for the streaming by writing ‘cheer#’ in the chat window. Make sure to add a number of bits instead of ‘#’ symbol. For example, if you want to cheer with 100 bits then you will have to write ‘cheer100’ and the streamer will be tipped. Each time you cheer for someone, Twitch bits will be deducted from your account and goes to the streamer.

Buying Twitch Bits

Buying Twitch Bits is quite easy and you won’t have to go to any lengths to get Twitch Bits. All you’ll have to do is go to the homepage of Twitch Tv and click on ‘Get Bits’ and you will be redirected to the purchasing page. From there, you can easily buy Twitch Bits.

Currently, Twitch payment methods include Amazon Pay, Mobile Payments, Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard and VISA), Skrill, Bitcoin, and SkinsCash. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available anymore.

Get Free Bits

You don’t always have to buy Twitch Bits to support streamers. You can also get free Twitch Bits from watching short video ads and by participating in TwitchRPG surveys. These Ads and Surveys can get you up to 500 Bits. If you don’t feel like buying Twitch bits every time then you can also use these methods to generate bits and support whoever you want on Twitch.

How to Earn Money on Twitch?

Thinking about starting a streaming career? Here how you can earn money from the number one streaming platform, Twitch.


Most of the revenue will be generated when someone clicks on the ads that are showing on your live stream. When someone clicks on these ads, you will generate a very small amount of revenue. However, you will need to be eligible for the Twitch partnership program before you can advertise on your channel. For each click, the revenue will be shared between streamer, Twitch, and Google Adsense so there’s not much left at the end. But if you’ve gained thousands of followers then your channel can generate a very large amount of revenue from these ads.

Twitch Bits & Sponsors

Another way of generating revenue is through Twitch bits and Sponsors. Viewers can tip you by cheering for you with Twitch bits and for 100 bits, you will receive around $1. Most of the smaller channels usually rely on Twitch bits to generate revenue because it’s quite hard to get sponsors if you only have a handful of followers.

Startups and different companies can also sponsor you if you have a large number of followers. You can give shout-outs to these brands and promote their product and in return, they will sponsor your channel and you’ll generate decent revenue.

Subscription Plans

If you’re eligible for the Twitch partnership program, you can also get paid when someone buys subscription plans and game deals through your channel. Each time when someone buys a subscription plan for Twitch, a streamer will receive a small amount of money.

Which Twitch Streamer makes the most revenue?

These are some of the most successful Twitch Streamers and here’s how much they make per year.

Ninja – Over $5M Per Year

Shroud – Over $3M Per Year

DrLupo – Over $2M Per Year

Tfue – Over $1.9M Per Year

TimtheTatman – $1.8M Per Year 

These earning are only from their Twitch channel. If we were to count the revenue from their sponsors and YT channels, each one of them is worth more than $10 million.


Twitch is probably one of the best online streaming platforms to show off your mad gaming skills and make some money out of it. Twitch Bits are definitely one the best way to generate revenue and if you’re a small-time streamer then Twitch Bits can come in handy. We hope that our guide will give you a better idea of how these Twitch Bits and Cheeremotes work.


That’s all folks!

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